Healthy Eating

healthy eating

Acorns Nursery is proud to have been awarded a Gold Award for Clean Food Premises and a Heartbeat Award for healthy eating. The Heartbeat Inspector congratulated our staff and our cook for creating healthy menus. She described them as “exemplary” and was delighted that children were being offered such a wide and healthy range of foods.

Snacks and meals consist of food and drink which is low in fat, sugar and salt, including fresh fruit, vegetables and a variety of breads. We use organic whole milk as this is recommended for healthy growth in young children. The nursery employs an experienced Cook who holds a Hygiene Certificate.

The nursery provides daily meals and snacks to provide children with a balanced diet. Our Cook prepares fresh fruit, vegetables and snacks every day. In addition to the standard menu, Acorns can provide a vegetarian option. Children with a confirmed medical condition (e.g. celiac disease) can also be catered for.

Sample Weekly Menu

  • Fisherman’s pie, peas, sweetcorn, fresh fruit salad
  • Irish stew & potato, fruit jelly
  • Spinach & mushroom lasagne, salad, rice pudding
  • Vegetable goulash, rice, yoghurt
  • Chicken pie, creamed potato, green beans, fresh fruit salad