Acorns Nursery provides care for children between the ages of six months and five years. We accept children provided that their needs can be met from within the resources available at the nursery. The nursery operates a waiting list on a ‘first come, first served’ basis with priority for siblings of children already attending.

Tanya 2Settling In

Settling into the nursery is a very important time for new children. We ask parents/carers to set aside time to make several visits and to stay with their child at first. It is suggested that the first visit lasts for about an hour when you and your child will get to know the member of staff who will be your child’s key carer. On the second visit, as long as your child is happy, you might leave them for a short while and spend time in the staff room so that you remain on hand if your child needs you. On the third and fourth visits, as long as you can be contacted, you might leave your child for two to three hours in our care so that they can experience a lunch time and a tea time.  After these initial short visits, you might leave your child at Acorns with their key carer for almost a whole day. Each child has individual needs and will need different amounts of time to settle in. Staff always do their best to make this settling-in time as smooth as possible and are always happy to welcome new parents and children well in advance of the booked starting date.

buildingSettling-In Timetable

Monday • 10.00am -11.00am
parent and child visit together in the room

Tuesday • 2.30pm -3.30pm
parent leaves child and waits in staff room

Wednesday • 9.30am – 12.00pm
parent leaves nursery, child stays for lunch

Thursday • 2.30pm -5.00pm
parent leaves nursery, child stays for tea

Friday • 10.00am -5.00pm
parent leaves nursery, child stays all day

This is an important and beneficial step towards getting ready for Nursery. This time helps parents to get to know the nursery staff, learn about routines and feel confident with their decision to leave their child with us. It also allows our staff to get to know new children better.

Behaviour Management

  • Children are NEVER smacked or physically punished in any way.
  • Unacceptable behaviour is not dealt with by excluding the child in any way, but by distracting or by discussion and explanation, depending on the age of the child.
  • Self discipline and co-operation are encouraged through reward, praise and adult example.

Equal-opsEqual Opportunities

All children are given equal opportunities for development, regardless of gender, race, cultural background, physical or mental ability.

This means that staff have to be aware of and sensitive to the needs of every individual child and that child’s own personal background and stage of development.


Both girls and boys are given equal opportunities to develop all aspects of their abilities and personality. Children are encouraged to try all nursery activities. Time and opportunity is made for girls and boys to use construction toys, train sets, trikes and large equipment and to share in active play. All children have the opportunity to develop the gentle and nurturing side of their nature through, for example, play in the home corner, caring for dolls etc.

People with Different Backgrounds and Abilities

Children are helped in preparing for life in a society which is culturally and ethnically diverse. The nursery fosters an attitude which acknowledges the worth of all people, regardless of race, colour, religion, beliefs or physical or mental ability.

The nursery is equipped with a range of materials showing people with a diversity of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and abilities. Children are encouraged to talk about these differences and develop a positive attitude to and respect for people with different cultures and abilities.