Our Facilities

Quiet Situation in Green Space

We are so lucky to be situated in the grounds of Sevenoaks Primary School where our children can take full advantage of the playing fields and wooded areas to explore nature and extend their understanding of the world around them. In addition the nursery has its own safely fenced garden and well-equipped outside play area for daily use, under cover of mature trees providing plenty of shade in summer and fun with leaves in autumn.

Well designed Premises

The single-story nursery building provides excellent, safe accommodation for young children. There are separate rooms for babies (maximum 6), toddlers (maximum 9) and older children. Each one is provided with educational materials and equipment designed for each age group.  Care has been taken to maintain a home-like atmosphere with a thoughtful choice of soft furnishings, curtain fabrics and colour schemes.


Our last Ofsted Report said that Acorns Nursery “ provides an outstanding range of toys and activities for children to help them learn and develop.”

To encourage your child’s development we have researched and built up an excellent variety of equipment:

  • home corner • dressing-up clothes and role play • dolls, action figures, animals • cooking • woodwork
  • pictures • books • puppets
  • musical instruments – we also engage a professional early years music teacher for weekly sessions in small groups
  • table top games • puzzles
  • paint and ‘messy’ play • sand and water
  • construction toys • lego, duplo, mobilo, bricks
  • train sets • floor toys and games • cars • garage
  • indoor and outdoor climbing equipment • garden toys and play house

computerICT – learning through educational computer games; programming remote control devices; older children learn to use software on tablets, digital cameras, dvd players and tape recorders.

We visit places outside the nursery, such as the library, shops, swimming pool and parks. Children are prepared for starting school and have an opportunity to use specialist equipment designed to develop early reading, writing, science and maths skills.